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Originally posted by Jah Warrior
No comment... the offer stands.
I told you where I play and I told you how to find me.

You have the problem with me and my views, I don't want you to change your server. So my friend since I did not insult you in any way and you stated you "soooooo want to fight me" and I have no interest in even running into you, then you should have no problem finding me.

Look champ many people like ProMod because of the strong hits, and just because I happen to agree with them doesn't mean you gotta come around tryin to prove something. My last post was meant to show you how retarded you are for getting all bent out of shape because I express the fact I don't like weak sabers.

You freakin erased a good thread last time because of this. Just accept the fact that many people like duels to last a long time because of even opponents, not just because it actually takes a long time to kill someone.

You know where to find me so if you wish come and get it, otherwise I am not taking time out of my schedule for some match that only means something to you. Frankly I don't care if you are the best Jedi on the damn planet, you still won't change the fact that weak sabers SUCK IMHO.


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