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Everyone loves the Star Wars universe so I understand why so many inexeperienced ppl are motivated to try modding,mapping, skinning etc. Hell, I'm one of them ... jk2 inspired me to try mapping. Having said this, there needs to be a filter/review process at some point before the jk2 public is subjected to the more useless user-made addons.

The review process used at the Massassi Temple seems quite good imho but most of the 'come back and find/review me after you've tried me' review/download schemes just don't seem viable.

With so much user made content of variable quality, I believe we need someone/a group to determine what is quality content and what is not. There would be number of positive results from this :

1) reduced amounts of time the average user spends trying to figure out if content is a waste of space or is actually worthwhile.

2) reduce the effort/time/frustration barrier to ppl new to jk2. Imagine starting jk2 now and trying to make sense of all the new mods/maps/etc. 'But you need the new saber hilt mod, really!'

3) it would act as an incentive for content creators to properly finish their work or else their work wouldn't be listed as recommended/quality/etc.

This person/group would have to make some tough calls and would certainly get a fair amount of flak for their efforts. However, I do believe the community would be better for this kind of service.

Yes, in case anyone recalls, I have mentioned this idea before. I thought the idea was worth repeating however.
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