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Originally posted by taboo
Everyone loves the Star Wars universe so I understand why so many inexeperienced ppl are motivated to try modding,mapping, skinning etc. Hell, I'm one of them ... jk2 inspired me to try mapping. Having said this, there needs to be a filter/review process at some point before the jk2 public is subjected to the more useless user-made addons.
I agree that this is a great idea. I'd love to see host a review site. maybe The current file rating system just doesn't work. I had over 8,000 downloads of ProMod Beta 1 tallied up, but only 11 people actually rating the file. I think that those new to the game would give more consideration to using a new mod, map, or skin if there were actually a detailed review of some of the bigger releases.

Kurgan would be a good choice for the job if he's got the time, I think. If you read his strategy guides I think you'll agree that he seems to have his head on straight, and is pretty impartial.

Kurgan? How about it?

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