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This is really similar to something I've been talking to others about. I think a lot of CTF ladder players would send their big brother Vinny after me if I did this. My original plan was to put this in Beta 2, but the mixed reactions I was getting made me decide to push it back to a later version, if I do it at all.
I'm glad to heat that you've given a similar scheme some consideration! I'd just like to add a few thoughts seeing as this issue isn't just a pipe dream anymore.

Another solution would be to really reduce the number of skill points needed to buy saber skills. Or, make saber skill level 2 for offence/defence and level 1 for throwing free. In retrospect, this would be a less nerfy way to go about things I suppose.

Now, in regards to the earlier idea of reducing the force skill by 1 of ppl carrying a non saber weapon! It occured to me that youculd just reduce/nerf proactive force use while holding a ns-weapon. ie if i have a blaster in hand, i force push other ppl at level 2 while i use it defensively\automatically at level 3.

CTF,dueling and ffa are all very different games ... if you have to change the settings slightly for each to make them more fun/viable, i'd say do it. Having said this, don't do it unless you absolutely have to.

Anyway, these are all just ideas for consideration from a jedi with too much time on his hands. BTW, is there some place where you discuss features in depth that you are currently considering?
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