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Just wanna start out by addressing the clash between FatalStrike and Jah Warrior. I think it primarily happened due to two different points of view on duelling; Fatalstrike's from the FFA view and Jah Warrior's from the Duel view. Disregarding how Fatalstrike obnoxiously overreacted to Jah Warrior's challenge, I agree with them both. In FFA, which I rarely play, I want fast duels for the flow of the game and with consideration to the uninterrupted kill score list. In Duel however, the kill score list waits for you, and having longer fights is much more desirable, at least to me. The level of realism with regards to getting hit by a trapped laser beam emission must come second to the fun of the game, but then again that's relevant to each player.

That said, I just wanna comment on betamod further after having played it some more since my last comment. Beta2 seems to encourage close headon collisions as opposed to the side hits with the tip of the saber some of us strived for before. Does it require skill to make sure your horizontal saber swings hit at the peak of its strength, ie the crosshair dead on your opponent? Yes.

And therein could be a problem, for if you attack running straight on with vertical swinging it will require little to hit with full breakthrough capability, and thus we could be looking at a new newbie headless chicken epidemic Hereby not said it's not possible for players to adapt and evolve so much with this new style of play required by this mod that spectacular and diverse battles can come about. But so far much of the grace of some of the old mods have been lost to powermashing.....hope time and play will prove me wrong.

Another thing brought about by this mod is the necessity to practically always look at or above headheight of your opponent in order to max out CSC strength. I have always played looking downwards by 30-45 degrees in order to have a better view of my surroundings and my enemy's position. It simply provides a better overview, and even if I get used to looking straight ahead that overview won't be restored along with it. So, Artifex, if it is possible could you include a movable crosshair, so one could place it 30 degrees above normal to allow maximum strength while keeping ones overview by looking downwards? I'm no comp wiz but I assume that it might be a greater piece of work since by moving the crosshair in relation to your character's default point of attack origin and direction would demand alignment programming and such stuff. But if you could I'd be immensily appreciative

So much for now....might get back to yer. Hope you appreciate the feedback

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