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Plo Koon's trek to the council was not an easy one. The Mandalorians he fought at his dwelling were just the first of many, and Plo had killed Thanzon, one of Boba Fett's main henchmen. Boba Fett will not take this information lightly.

~I must find a suitable transport to get out of this place~ Plo thought.

Little did the Jedi Master know that the Mandalorians were taking this place over. Their mission was to aide in the Jedi destruction.

::Plo snuck to the nearest city, and looked for a frieghter pilot to taxi him off this world. On his way to the city, he saw many Firespray-Class fighters lifting off and landing every now and then::

"Thanzon hasn't reported in sir." Said Major Draskon.

"Where was the last place he was, Major?"

"I believe he was on the outskirts of this city looking for a Jedi Master." Reported Draskon.

"Search for him Major, I do not want to lose any men."

"Yes sir."

: raskon left the city on a swoop, while his superior officer, Colonel Azlon organized his troops for assault in the interior of the city::

::Plo Koon came upon a grassy knoll, and looked over a small hill. Mandalores numbering in the hundreds guarded the city::

~What do these mysterious warriors want?~ Plo asked himself.

"He's dead." Reported Draskon.

"What!? How!" asked Azlon.

"It seems his ship was blown up. Possibly self-destructed."
"There also seems to be a dead Lieutenant amongst the debris."

"Can you identify the body?" asked Azlon.

"Negative." "It seems he was cut in half, but the debris from the ship has disfigured him."

"Keep in touch Major. There may very well be a Jedi Master here."

"Yes sir."

::Azlon walked over to his newly assembled troops and called for his next in command::

"Sergeant Major Lamorak, how much longer?"


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