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Azlon's men were assembled in unison right in front of him.

Good. Azlon thought.
::Azlon gave a snicker beneath his black saccloth-colored helmet::

Meanwhile, Plo Koon had snuck into the rear of the city. Only two Mandalores were acting as sentinels in that area. Since Plo had been attacked already, and he was staring at death every moment, he decided to make the move.

::Plo moved as swiftly as a Jedi Master would, coming up right behind the two Mandalores. He choked the first Mandalore, and the second Mandalore turned to see what was wrong with his companion. While he was aiding his comrade, Plo came up behind the second Mandalore, placed the hilt of the saber on the sentry's stomach, and ignited his xanthic-yellow blade::

Death was not instantanious. The blade tore through the Mandalorian's major organs, and cauterized the wound on the blade's voyage out.

::The sentry screamed, but was silenced by Plo's use of the force. Strait across from him was the docking bay. He must steal a frieghter now::

"Sir, Omega 5 and 6 haven't reported in yet." Reported Corporal Carados to Azlon.

"Send three units over to their position now!"

"Yes sir!"

::Corporal Carados and 3 warriors ignited their jetpacks and streaked over to the fallen comrade's post. What they found could only have been done by a Jedi::

::Plo Koon found a suitable freighter for his departure. He then thought of using a fighter, which are smaller. He searched the hangar and found a Z-95 Headhunter::

Perfect. Plo thought.

::He jumped in the ****pit, just as 4 Mandalores swarmed the hangar. As he ignited the engine, a Mandalore was caught in the blast and instantly charred beyond recognition. The remaining 3 fired at him as he flew upward. Plo raised his shields and left a surprise in the hangar. He fashioned a crude bomb out of spare parts left on the ground of the hangar. The bomb exploded as the Mandalores left the hangar on foot. The hangar door flew off and smited one of the Mandalores. Debris from the hangar impaled the other 2, and the explosion could be seen from all over. Corporal Carados never saw it coming::

"I have lost 8 warriors, Lamorak. The boss is not going to like this." Azlon commented.

Now to Coruscant. Plo reminded himself.
It was not easy getting off that planet, but was only simplistic campared to the challenges that lie ahead...


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