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As to writing reviews for mods, I'd love to do that (when I get time) as I've written reviews before. While they can take a lot of time, they are usually fun (the "research" is the fun part.. heh).

As to a review site for, I'll just have to say "wait and see..."

Some seem to be saying that bad mods hurt a game. I would probably agree, assuming those bad mods are highly visible. Whereas good mods help a game, if people know about them. Either way, YOU can do something to help the community out by making good mods, and being a good sport when you play, agreed.

As far as "being a Jedi" going out of fashion, I doubt it. People wanted to be Jedi for the 16 years between Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace (14 years between ROTJ and the Special Editions), and LEC and their support companies have many more "Jedi" games in the works. But those movies DO help raise people's interest, but they're not the only source of interest. ; )
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