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Originally posted by ShockV1.89
I dunno, this one feels kinda spammy. I just spent 15 minutes playing another two guys, and this one fella would just spam yellow slashes. No specials or anything, just run at you swinging yellow, and I found it very hard to counter. Yellow did decent damage, and it would break defenses as well? Hmmm....

What stance were you defending with?

Also did you try short jump back vertcal heavy chop forward? I found that since it hits twice and usually kills upon landing you can kill forward attack spammers with ease.

You might also try a medium special since it only works when people charge at you, it may be good in this instance.

Its all about timing.

We must expect people to noob fight at first since non of us are well practiced in it enough to have set counters in mind, but I have found many that work including blue stance defense plus strafe while pivoting to keep him in my sights to be very effective.

Also keep in mind that a red DFA hits going up, so time a DFA to launch just before he reaches you.

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