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The flight wasn't very long, and with hyperspace on it went even quicker.
::Plo Koon looked at his diagnostics meter in his Z-95. It said his systems would fail in 4 minutes. He turned around and saw the problem: A shard of durasteel jammed in his intake from the hangar explosion::

This is not good, now I need to land again. Plo thought.

::He checked his scanners, and came to a planet. His sensors said the planet was Alderaan. Plo flew his Z-95 into the atmosphere and looked for a suitable place to land::

There. This will be fine. Plo thought as he landed.

::Plo got out, and started to search for a city. He reached out with the force, and sensed many beings to the East. As Plo got closer, something troubled him: He could sense the Mandalorian presence even here::

I must now be careful. Plo thought.

"Sir, I saw a Z-95 class fighter land on the outskirts of this city. Shall I go inspect it?"

"Permission granted." Said Boba Fett.


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