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Shortly after the Landing of the Sith Infiltrator the Millenium Falcon
jumped out of HyperSpace.

::I sensed something strange on the small dense planet::

'Could you land the the Falcon at that planet' I said to Han Solo.

"Of course mr. Koon"

'Please call me Plo'

"Certainly mr. Koon err Plo"

::I watched the landing, That looked more like a crash-landing I sensed that my force powers weren't strong anymore::

"Here we are"

'Would you like to come with us to the swamp ?'

"Looks dangerous, I like danger"

::Han Solo grinned::

'I should have known'

::I jumped in the swamp with Gary and Solo just behind me::

'I sense the Sith around here'

The three of us walked further in the swamp....


Plo Koon, Jedi Master
"My looks may not be good , but the Power of the Force is strong in me"
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