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............suddenly an eye poked out of the water and made a moaning noise.i saw plo and gary fall in the stagnant water.i was then standing by myself.then plo's head popped out of the water.i saw him gasp for air as the alienn went down again.then gary did the same thing. i saw the eye pop out again,then went under. i saw what had them.a dionaga.they lived in dirty water and ate basically anything.i took out my blaster as the eye popped out again. i shot its eye.

it screeched i felt a tenticol rub on my leg and i jumped to avoid it.~theyre almost drowned! i have to do something!~ i swam under water. i put on a pair of planetary night goggles. i saw the tenticals.i aimed and fired from atop the water. i went down again,to see if it had any affect. and boy did it! i saw it release gary and plo as they started floating.~oh no!too late!~

i swam over and grabbed them both and brought them to the surface.

"chewie! come quik! bring the medical aid kit!" i saw the wookie runninng with a white object in his hand.plo and gary werent moving."give it too me!" the wookie gave me the kit. i used the breath intallizer(much like an oxygen tank) on plo.he started coughing and he sat up slowly.i used it on gary.he did the same thing.

"ugh!what happend?" gary asked.

"a dionaga,thats what." i said."chewie,go back and guard the falcon.this will be a while.................................."

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