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we continue to move through the swamp as we are stopped on our tracks by a huge,snarling rancor.

"i thought these creatures where captured to serve the hutts." plo koon said.

"thats true.i myself have encounterd this creature once before.get ready for anything." the rancor took one look at us and walked away."thats weird." i say.

" i thought we were lunch for a parcec.i guess it changed its mind." gary said.

"i wonder why he walked away." i said.then i turned around and i was stareing at a huge beast,much larger than the rancor."uh......guys,we have a problem." i said as they turned around also.

the huge beast slashed a huge claw at me and i jumped to avoid it.he swung at gary.another miss.then at plo.yet another miss from the creature to the jedi.he swung at me,i tried to dodge,but i failed.the huge,flat,paw smashed against my body as i fall to the ground in pain.~ooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwcccccccccccccch hhhhhhhhhh!~

he swung at plo as i heard a sound to faint to me but probably loud to them as i was almost was a humming noise.i heard the humming grow louder and louder.then a screech.i heard a loud thud as the ground shook.something had gotten rid of the animal.but what?

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