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i stand to my feet,barely.i can hardly keep my balance. i see 2 more men standing there."who are these people?" i ask plo koon.

"these are two jedi here to help defeat the evil sith."

"MORE JEDI!!!!!!!!" i say.

"yes.allow me to introduce myself.i am darth rage;excuse the name,im not a sith.and this is my companion ferry katarn.we are here to help you jedi."

"im not a jedi.just a poor boy stuck in the outer realm."

"why did you come here?"

"this stupid jedi's sences started to ring and we just had to come."

"couldnt you just say no?"

:: plo koon to darth rage:i used a mind trick on him.he dosent know.:::

: ok:::

"hey!what are you two doin? your not tryin that mind reading fodder are ya?" i ask.

"well,we just saved your lives.we saw you needed help and deafeted this swamp creature for you too live.looks like you got banged pretty hard."

"shut up."

"ha ha.lets go. i sence a huge trembleing in the force." darth rage said.

"i feel it too."plo koon said.

"as do i." gary said.

"me too."ferry katarn put in.

"well,i feel a headache in the force.lets rest,then we shall continue."

"no. the time for departure is now. if we do not move quikly,the sith will."

" head really hurts-"

"oh well.lets go."darth rage commanded.

~who died and left him in charge? i really,really do not like this guy~

Han Solo,best smuggler all around

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