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Originally posted by FatalStrike
Also you went on to say that ProMod encourages players to charge straight ahead, but you forget that changing to a better blocking stance makes a head on attack very easily defended. You will be blocked almost 100% of the time and it will be very easy for your enemy to sidestep and crush you. As players get more and more used to the blocking scheme head on attacks will not be as common.

Players need to learn to sidestep with out removing their crosshairs from their enemy.
Originally posted by ArtifeX
Actually, being in close quarters combat can be more dangerous now than before. When you're that close, the angle between your crosshair and your opponent can change very rapidly. Someone who can consistently maintain their aiming lock when that close is going to be a very dangerous player, indeed. Defense breakers and knockaways are going to happen a lot at that range. It's much safer to keep your opponent at the maximum range of your current saber style, then dart around them trying to open up one of their sides to attack. Someone coming straight at you in a rush is going to get a nasty surprise when you sidestep them and slice them apart.
Countering the headon bashing was not the issue of my post; I will have little trouble doing that. It's this form of 'style' people might adapt that bothers me, for it will ruin a lot of the grace as I mentioned in said post. I'm less interested in winning as I am in having a great fight. That was the point I wanted across.

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