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:Rage showed all of them to his ship, it was magnificent!:

"This should be able to hold all of us"

"Whoa, where did you find such a ship" said Plo.

"I won it gambling, jedi mind tricks can manipulate some quite well...Nevermind that, lets get off this wretched hive, if you want to defeat the Sith you must follow me, are you with me?

"I believe we all are" said Plo.

:So they took off. Rage led them to a mysterious planet 5 parsecs away. The funny thing was, it was not on any data map available. Noone knew what is was. Soon enough it would be made unmistakeably clear that this planet was home to the training grounds of the Sith:

"I know of a jedi group that is situated about 100 miles from the Sith. We can meet up with them, this will be the fight of our lives!" said Rage.


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