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:: Still at my farm on Yavin::
{{ Bobba Fett awoke and came into my study late in the morning I had already been up for a few hours ))
Get enough sleep? I asked
" Yes thank you"
No problem. There is food on the table. Help yourself.
" Thanks again. I'll have to eat and run I have a bounty I'm after. "
" Yes. A few small time theives and smugglers. 10,000 credits each. They call themselves the Tectrium. Easy money.
Do you want to come along?"

Sounds like fun. Let me get some things together. Is it a flat rate?
"Yes dead or alive. I prefer dead."
I prefer alive. This will be fun. So how many is a few?
" There are twenty-one of them."
Is that all?

::We board the Black Viper and head to Yago.::



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