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Continuing through the swamp, the Sith continue to look for traces to the mysterious deaths of light and dark jedis. As they continue deeper into the swamp, their ability to sense the force grows weaker until it finally plateaus to within a 5 foot bubble around each of them.

Maul continued to fiddle with his lightsaber anxious to find some clue. He knew he had to keep an extra sharp lookout because he couldn't depend on the force to give him a warning of anything.

As they continued through the swamp, they came upon a cave in a clearing. Surrounding the cave were what appeared to be charred remains of humanoid creatures. What could've done this on such a wet planet he thought to himself. Then, it happened...

With a scream, Darth Chaos fell to the ground clutching at his stomach. He began yelling at the top of his lungs as though he was in great pain. Darth Maul rushed over to him while Remmus simply stared at shock and looked around trying to find the source of this.

Maul reached the thrashing Darth Chaos and, placing a hand on his head, could feel some of the pain Chaos was experiencing. To his horror, Maul also discovered he could feel the Force leaving the other Sith's body. Suddenly, Maul was knocked back as Chaos's body exploded into flame. Recovering Maul used what little ability of the Force he could use on this planet to use moisture from the humid air to douse the flames.

Once again placing a hand on Chaos, he could find no trace of the force and his breath came in rasps.

"It came... It Watch *gasp* out... my... brother." Darth Chaos gasped between breaths and then fell back onto the earth.

Darth Maul stood and turned away. "He's dead. Whatever did this was powerful and fast and it... it drained the Force out of him as our master had said was happening to Jedi. These other bodies must be them."

Remmus stared at Darth Maul absorbing the horror the Sith had just described. "Let us move from this place, we must plan."

"Agreed my brother." Maul began to head back toward his ship where they could discuss what to do leaving the smoldering corpse of Darth Chaos behind.


Darth Maul
Dark Lord of the Sith Order

"Fear attracts the fearfull. The strong.....the weak....the innocent. Fear is my ally."
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