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Originally posted by zerowingzero
Well after geting owned in Jah's server,i can honestly say that dueling and ffa's are very different.
Yeah thats my point duelling and ffa ARE totally different, especially when you throw guns, saber throw and force into the mix. Seriously with damage set at 1 those fights would not have lasted more than a few seconds and you saw it with your own eyes dude.

Perhaps a different promod for duelling would work? I dunno, to be honest I'm sick of the debate, I know what me and our regulars like - nuff said...

For the record you so nearly had me on the last fight... 6hp i think or there abouts. I really did think i was doomed.

Hehe, when i was on Artifex's server I didnt have a single force power, except jump, all my keys are assigned to server commands etc. But hey i still got some kills off the drain whores and the run away and throw the saber fanatics... Love it,

Age and treachery always overcomes youth and skill!!!

cheers for the rumbles Zero

Peace & Ting

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