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Although I hadn't thought it all the way through yet Praxeum Knights Clan will be holding a public promod competition in the near future. This weekend is probably a wee bit early to get setup, but for our clan alone we will probably have practice. Next weekend however is wide open.

If anyone has any suggestions for the competition please post them here. Off the top of my head my thinking is...

Praxeum Knights Clan vs All or al a carte


Best of 3 or 5 games

30 minute time limit

8 captures

Or we could do a Team FFA or something....

My clan and I are open to any possibility as concerning the match.

CTF is the most widely accepted team gametype to be played.

I realize however the current promod community is probably largely duelists so I'm even open to perhaps a 2 v 2 duel competition. Most of us aren't duelist per se, but very experienced in duels none the less. And large scale ass kicking.
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