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FFA'ers tend to be more agressive than duelists. On my servers we duel quite a bit. We also do big bad brawls too. True enough none of us are too worried about dying and not playing the game till we're up again, thus we have no need to be quite as safe.

I think you'll find ffa duelers at least the ones fostered on my server to be a par above the rest. Most of them have focused mainly on they're saber skills, but being a force filled environment the usual grip whores don't get in they're way much.

I'm sure you regular duelers would find my ffa duelers to be a handfull.

As far as force powers go in general. After having played 2 weeks with full force powers enabled. I have yet to see anyone really successfully whore anything. Lightning - drain - backpedal... I've seen a few try, but they usually don't get much traction with us. As soon as lightning gets busted out they become everyones center of attention. And have they're asses handed to them accordingly. The biggest whore I've seen is pull/kick, and even that isn't usefull enough to matter. Or grip/blue lunge. This can be very deadly, but its far from unblockable or unavoidable. Experienced players hand me my ass every try of that, non experienced players get they're asses handed to them.

Also no longer in FFA does fighting a darksider = absorb. Play NS_STREETS, you know the push/pull/grip whore map. hehe.... With promod getting pushed/pulled/or gripped off. Is no easy whore to do. It finally takes skill to rack up so many skills with that tactic. Push/pull can be so easy to block as long as your paying attention to who's doing the pushing.

The known whores I did have, do nothing but bitch moan and complain about how much this mod sucks.

What force power FFA is like now I can only describe as a bitchin experience. I've had some damn good almost force only battles before, and I have to say it really feels good now. Somehow the force powers always seemed to be buggy, or overtly advantagous. Such as being able to push/pull others with impunity. Not anymore is that the case. Now if you can do it, it's because made a good solid well aimed, well timed force attack. You can now feel safe going into a server full of darksiders with nothing but push/pull and feel relatively safe from them. Sure there are the lightning/drain whores, but just remember if you got the health, then you got plenty of time to just take the lightning and run after them and chop they're vunerable lightning whoring butts to oblivion.

They will either have to stop using lightning or die... it's that simple anymore. No absorb required.

Now in my duels its not uncommon to throw a few force attacks at each other have each player counter and dodge accordingly and then follow up with saber strikes. This is the kind of fighting I see all the time now with promod. No more force only people running around. Cuz it's simple they learned hte saber is one badass weapon in ProMod.

Reminds me of another whore who would come on my server before equip very little other than darkside powers and own quite a few... As of lastnight watching him play he got owned outright. In a server full of saber loving players, and being the only force only guy is not a good thing.

Hoorah for promod. "It's what the game should of been".
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