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((OOS: Our abilities changing had nothing to do with the time period. Besides they weren't removed, just dulled. With you, Cracken, Deac, Starr, Odin and Vidar, your bodies were altered.

Presumably, once one of us captures the Time Matrix, we'll all revert back to normal; full power, no immortality, no tug.

Oh and I talked to Death today...she won't be able to access these forums for three months. -.- Dunno if she can use AIM - if so she says I can keep her updated via AIM, and she can relay Ken'atra's actions to me - if she isn't able to do that then somehow she'll remove her character))

Rwos: ...I'm not an angel. *Rwos didn't mention that his kind were more often thought of as demons in the past* I think your father was being poetic...

Wait a moment. "A good version of what Syrnl has in him?"

Deac doesn't have the Starkiller avatar yet.

*Rwos' eyes widen*

The Darkstar didn't bring Ken'atra here to kill Deac. It came here to possess him.

Deac, we have to get you out of here. Far away from here. *Rwos anxiously glances around, and in doing so spots Syrnl on an adjacent battlement*


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