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What is it with those bots anyway?

Can you actually *fight* them at some point? ...I tried out Promod Beta 2 a while ago; made a server and spawned 2 bots (Jedi Master level.)

Then I went to ArtifeX's site to read the "manual".

When I finally got back to the game fifteen minutes later, I was still in the lead with 0 kills.

And no, I wasn't hiding in some dark corner...I was standing in the middle of the huge opening in Bespin streets..

So..what's wrong with those bots? They don't want to fight? Is that it? And if so - what the hell are they doing in this game?? (besides running backwards)

Is there some trick that I don't know of? Do I have to taunt them (or something) so that they'll get pissed off and finally attack/&fight me?

I feel your pain Shock.

Got Honourz? Great.. I hope you choke on it!

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