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6 more for Gendo

Gendo shoots he scores
so he is up to 32 points

*and the book is very funny
because it explains briefly
all the chapters that were omitted
from the original book and why
the modern publishing company
thought to do so.*
*in real life the man as a boy
had the story read to him by his
grandfather; who chose to skip
all the dull stuff, and because the
boy (now the man) never actually
read the book he did not realize
the dull stuff was in it,
and so when he became a father
and his son was ill he killed himself
to find a rare and out of print copy
and gave it to his son to read
whom by the way did not get past
chapter 2; and when the man found out
to his horror that his son did not
like his fav childhood book
and worse suddenly discovered
all the boring stuff
he convinced his publishing house
to reprint it adding the stuff
his grandfather use to tell him,
along with brief introductions
into each chapter omitted or replaced
and why the choice was made.

a prime example of this is when
the bride is chosen for the prince
the queeen sails to the girls home
to meet with her, well that chapter
consists of something like
26 pages describing in detail
the clothes and hats the women
of the time period wore;
and then for 19 pages or more
it described how the queen
went shopping with the girl
for hats and stuff,
not the kind of swash buckling
tale a young boy would like.

another great chapter was the
author's wife (supposedly)
going on in length another
40 odd pages about how clever
this story was
and how clever her husband was
and how lucky you the reader
were getting the chance
to read this book.
and this was right in the middle
of action chapters.

plus there was some funny stuff
that did not happen in the movie
which was a shame cause it was so funny.

anyways now you all know.

read the book if you can.

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