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Well Kurgan I could agree with your aurgement that that JKII is not dead if some people still play and some mods are being developed but like you said also that is your definition. To others, their definition is by the amount of people on the servers. When compared to other games that are much older you must admit that the JKII fanbase is small.

I for one love this game but I live in Hawaii and I only see 2 or 3 servers with a decent 100 ping (and you know that ain't too hot) and those servers generally have 2-3 people on it. Too ME that looks dead and does not give me a good outlook.

Also when guaging wether a game is "dead" or "dying" people cannot help but use comparisons. Look at gamespy stats...70000 people in HL and 6000 in MOH. Heck even UT and Q3 still hit around 4500 a nite. JKII is now down around the 1300 mark.

I just feel bad that I am alienated from all the good stuff coming out. I can't ping a Promod server under 400. And the JediMod and JediPlus servers are in the 250 range. I'm on cable but distance kills me.

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