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Thumbs down damn people

what is everyones problem these days? you all bitch wine complain.. christ you bitch about everylittle detail.... uppercut in 1.00 bs in 1.03 dfa in 1.04 kick in.. let me think.. just about all of them.. just accept the fact its a part of the damn game??? cmon people say stuff like.. oh thats so stupid you should be able to do that.. if its an easy kill (eg 5 kicks) then do it straight back to the person who did it to you.

in 1.03 if someone kept doing bs on you.. learn how to do it to them.. or if they are ass fighting.. d'oh! run away from them so they cant get the kill...

i do agree that. ..cmon its a light saber a beam of ......light.. electricity.. whatever it is.. lazer.. its an instant kill. ok maybe each slice should take mmmmm 60hp? more then that.. but......... a jedi is trained obviously to block these attacks..... like in the movie... just accept the fact that when each saber slice takes only.. what sometimes 10hp.. lucasarts are really tying to make it seem like these attacks are being blocked.. i think.. anyone agree? i do agree that people over abuse these moves(bs,dfa,kick) but hey. thats life.. just dont bitch and wine.....cya

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