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Originally posted by zerowingzero

Lol if i remember correctly, i got you better, if only i had some reference pics....
Please Note that you were there longer and since this was my FIRST match of the night I spent some time adjusting my force powers. Also please note that out of my 6 kills YOU were 3 of them. I think you may have killed me once. But whatever keep thinking you own.

Also I was only reffering to our last little meeting of the night in which we had a sort of duel and you lost. It was a joke, since I thought you were cool with it. Didn't know you kept an index of meaningless screenshots or that you'd get all bent out of shape.

My bad!!

Originally posted by zerowingzero

And by the way, hate you avatar and your arguing like it's JBF here...
Sorry Angel boy, didn't mean to annoy you with the avatar my 12 year old cousin sent me. But I put my familly before losers that take cheap shots, like remarks about avatars, such as yourself.

Can't wait to see you on-line champ.

Battlefield 1942........
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