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Sith Lord Rage
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:The Jedi's quickly drew their lightsabers in defense of the Sith before them, the Sith did not draw his weapon:

"I mean you no harm, my place is also here, for the evil that lurks now can destroy all of us"

"Of what do you speak?"

"A former companion of mine, Darth Kun, has gone mad, he is trying to discover some lost relic I believe. It is just a myth, but that relic is supposed to be able to unlock immense powers"

"Then we must hurry!"

:the Jedi and Darth Rage were on their way to halt Darth Kun, but they had no idea of what they were getting into, and neither did the jedi with their new ally:


Formerly Maul, Sith Lord
"A Rage lurks in all of us"
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