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A few minutes later...

:arth Kun grabbed the last Relic and the Ritual was almost complete::

Around the planet Dark Clouds started to appear.
All the Force Powers on the Planet started to go to the Sith temple.
Thunder striked from the Dark Clouds.

Yes, go on and i will be back again I thought.

:arth Kun said the Last sentence of the Ritual::

A powerful Earthquake started.
Around the Temple a crack appeared.
Lava came out of the Crack and the temple started to collapse.
In front of Darth Kun a Hole started to appear.
In front of me the end of the Hole appeared.

Step into the Hole for The Power I said in the head of Darth Kun.

:arth Kun stepped in the Hole::
::I stepped in the Hole::

:arth Kun came out in another Temple but this room was only big enough for 1 man because there was debris all over::
::I came out where Darth Kun started the Ritual::
::The Hole closed with a big sucking sound, The Hole was gone::

'Finally I am back !'
'The Fool thought he could gain All the Power but he lost his Power and brought me back !'
'Exar Kun will Rule the Galaxy'

::I laughed like a maniac the whole Planet somehow could hear it::

But this was not the only hole that opened...


Exar Kun, Dark Lord of the Sith
"Master, do you really know who I am? I am the Dark Lord of the Sith."

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