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Sith Lord Exar Kun
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::I send the statues to The Light Jedi::

'Darth Rage you are a fool to underestimate my Power'

::I tingled my fingers at Darth Rage and a spurt of Chain Lightning came out of my fingertops::

::I enjoyed seeing him fall to the ground and suffer from pain::

'Darth Rage your destiny is to join me you have the Sith Power in you use it'

'Let Hate, Anger, Power, Immortality guide you back again to the Dark Side'

'Join me, or die'

::I put the top of my Sith saber against his chin::

'What will it be ?'


Exar Kun, Dark Lord of the Sith

"I am the Heart of Darkness.
I know no fear,
But rather I instill it in my enemies.
I am the destoyer of worlds.
I know the power of the Dark Side.
I am the fire of hate.
All the Universe bows before me.
I pledge myself to the Darkness.
For I have found true life,
In the death of the light."
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