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"You may have won this round Kun, but I always have a back-up plan..."

:First came a wave of 6 naboo fighters, they blasted at Kun knocking him backwards, then Rage's ship flew by, blasted Kun, picked up Rage and the Jedi and left:

"I'll get you Rage!!!"

On the ship:

"What can we do now", said Kenobi,"he has too much power!"

"Well, if that relic was not a myth, then I know of one more method of defeating Kun. We must travel to a moon that is 10 parsecs from here. On that moon should be the Ring of the Jedi. With this on our side we might have a chance of defeating Kun"

"How come I have never heard of this?" said Kenobi.

"There are many secrets known by the Sith, many secrets indeed..."


:Kun held his amulet, chanted a spell, and there before him appeared a super-ship. It was fast, but extremely powerful:

"I will destroy them and be supreme ruler of the universe!"


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"A Rage lurks in all of us"

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