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'Nothing noooo you couldn't even kill a few jedi's stupid statues'

::I spinned my saber around and chopped the statues in two hard rocks of stones::

'I need an Apprentice a Powerful one'

'I'll just create a very Powerful Apprentice yes'

'The only one Powerful enough I know is Dead he will help me kill The Jedi'

::I used the Absorbing Sith Amulet with Sadow's Amulet::
::All the Force on this Planet was drawn to my Amulet this nothing could live on this Planet anymore::
::I watched the Trees becoming old in a few second and I sensed that there was no more way to live on this Planet::
::I held the Amulet in the Air and concetrated on Opening a Hole great enough to get my Apprentice::
::I saw a figure stepping out of the Hole::
::The hole closed with a Wooshing sound::

"Master, you are Alife ?

'Yes, I hope you learned from the Mistake when you betrayed me'

"Yes, Master"

'The Sith empire will rise again, and we are the spark'

'Now Ulic Qel-Droma follow me to my ship and we will Wipe the Jedi out, All of them'

'The Planet is ready to Explode we must get out of here'

::We entered my ship I sat at the controls we took off::

'The Jedi will try to find a way to eleminate me but we will Assasinate Master Yoda and the High Council one by one'

::I put in the co÷rdinates to Coruscant::

'Long time since I controlled a Ship'

"We've been dead for a long time"

'Yes' ::I pulled the Handlebar and the Ship jumped to hyper-space on it's way to Coruscant::

'Soon we will assasinate Master Yoda'

::I laughed::


Exar Kun, Dark Lord of the Sith
"The ancient Sith have spoken.
Together, we will bring down the galaxy."

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