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As Maul sat watching the battle, he noted to himself that the two Sith were fighting each other. Interesting he thought to himself. Apparently Exar Kun is up to his old antics of trying to rule the universe by himself once again.

Then, Kun reached into his robe to remove the Amulet and that's when he began to grip the reality of the situation. As soon as Kun placed it around his neck, he began to feel the Force being drained from the area. Sensing the true power that Kun was now wielding, Darth Maul now knew exactly what had happened to the Jedi.

Summoning Remmus, he turned and used the Force to sprint to the Sith Infiltrator with uncanny speed. He lifted off within seconds of reaching the ship and he could see another ship leaving at the same time. It looked somewhat familiar to him and he could sense the Jedi within.

"Although I despise the Jedi, perhaps it would be best to work alongside them for the time being to eliminate this new greater threat. After all, the enemy of an enemy is an ally." Remmus remarked. "Perhaps we should follow them."

Darth Maul slammed his fist against the console. He knew deep down he was right, but he did not like to admit it, especially that filthy Obi-Wan. "What?! Work alongside with the Jedi?!! That is madness, we are Sith!"

"Indeed we are, and if we don't want to become extinct, we must do what is neccesary to survive." The Falleen pointed out. His skin shifted colors slightly showing his aggravation. "Only when this greater threat is eliminated will we be able to crush the Jedi. A mad Jedi running around absorbing the Force from everything will not only kill all of us and the Jedi, but will throw the galaxy into a state of Chaos. He'll kill everyone and everything!"

"I know," Darth Maul surrendered gnashing his teeth. "I know."
Grudingly, he set a course to follow the same vector as the ship which was now shooting into hyperspace.

Exar Kun, you are a fool! We should be exterminating the Jedi, not each other. He thought to himself.

Cursing the fowl Sith Lord, he thrusted the ship into hyperspace to track down the Jedi. An unlikely alliance had to be made in order to save them all.


Darth Maul
Dark Lord of the Sith Order

"Fear attracts the fearfull. The strong.....the weak....the innocent. Fear is my ally."
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