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::The Ship Jumped out of Hyper-Space::

'Soon we will kill Yoda, soon'

::I landed the Ship on Coruscant::

::I walked out of the Ship to the Jedi Temple::

'It's quiet in here, Too quiet'

::I walked to the Jedi High Council Room::

'I sense something wrong here'I whispered.

"I sense it too, Master"Ulic Qel-Droma whispered.

'Keep a hand on your lightsaber'I whispered.

::I saw the Doors to the Jedi High Council Room::

'Get ready'I whispered.

::I walked to the door and kicked the door open while Ulic Qel-Droma Force Jumped over me and landed in front of me with his lightsaber ignited facing Master Yoda in front of us::

::Master Yoda looked at me seeming to expect me::

'Master Yoda at last we meet'

'Leader of the Jedi High Council'

'You don't seem strong in the Force or Skilled in Dueling'

'Killing you will be easy very easy'

::I laughed at Master Yoda::

::I grabbed my Sith Saber igniting one side::

"Gaining an Empire you never will"Yoda said.

'You are a Fool Yoda'

There is something not right, this is too easy I sense more Jedi's here in this Room. Oooh well ::I striked at Master Yoda::


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