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:As the sabers calshed for the first time the exits to the room were immediately sealed. The 11 other members of the council, Obi-wan Kenobi, and 3 other Jedis appeared surrounding Kun and his apprentice:

"What?!? What is going on?!?"

"Good allies your enemies can be" said Yoda.

"Blasted Rage! He read my mind!"

"Get the amulet!" yelled Kenobi.


: Darth Rage and his crew landed where the Ring of the Jedi was supposed to be. What they saw over the horizon would be unforgettable, it was a building larger than any on Coruscant :

This must be the first ever Jedi Temple!


Formerly Maul, Sith Lord
"A Rage lurks in all of us"

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