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Sith Lord Rage
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There has been a great disturbance in the force, Yoda and the others may be in trouble, I may also be in grave danger...

:They force-ran over to the building and entered:

"Be careful, this place may be full of traps"

:As Rage said that one of the Jedi stepped on a secret square that sent 20 super-blasters firing their way:

"I'll take care of this"

:Rage flipped through the air, igniting his double-saber, and in a matter of minutes disabled all the weapons. But it was too late for the 3 Jedi:

"The super-blasters must have been too much for them, the poor devils"

:While Rage was about to continue on he looked behind and saw Darth Maul, lightsaber ignited:

"I am here to help you find the Ring of the Jedi"

"Then so be it, follow me!"

:They carefully continued untill they encountered a room much like the room in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant:

By the writings on the wall it says that the Ring of the Jedi can be yours if you can pass the evils of the past...

:All of a sudden 3 Sith Warriors appeared with 3 red lightsabers ignited and ready to fight:

"I will take these 2 Maul, you take the other one"

"I will not take orders from you!"

"You may have to"

:The 2 warriors simultaneously slashed at me, I countered both their hits. There was a great duel untill then I was knocked to the ground. He swung at me with his lightsaber, but I grabbed his arm and ripped it straight off, then I stabbed that Sith vaporizing it instantly:

"We can take them 2 on 2 Maul."

:Maul force pushed his enemy into the brick wall and procceded to slash it in half as I slashed the other Sith Warrior:

"The ring is mine" shouted Maul.

"No, the Jedi need are help to take out Kun"

"Then we shall fight for the Ring!"

:They waged a magnificent duel:
:Finally Maul thought he had the advantage and went for a running stab at me when I threw my lightsaber through the air cutting off Maul's right foot:

:I took the Ring of the Jedi and ran out of the Temple and I started on my way back to my ship:


Formerly Maul, Sith Lord
"A Rage lurks in all of us"
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