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::I shot my eyes open from my room on Coruscant.::

My friends are in danger.

::I lept to my feet, ripped off my cloak, and got my lightsaber in my hand. I ran out of my dwelling into the halls, blasting by everyone. I made my way to the Council Chamber.::

I can feel the dark force around me.
I feel like I am on the dark side.

::I bolted into the room, and caught a glimpse on Exar Kun as he was fighting Obi-Wan.::

I can feel the dark side in me!

::I raised my hand and aimed. All of my hate, all of my fear, all of my anger, and all of my greed manifested into an orange bolt of electricity fired from my fingertips. I was one of the very few Jedi who could wield the dark force powers.::

::The bolt hammered through the entire temple slamming into Kun, whick shattered the amulet around his neck. The force of the impact made him airborne and slammed into the window pane behind him. The window shattered, and he flew out the window and was above Coruscant. I watched as he fell onto a taxi, ripping a hole into the steel roof.::

He isn't dead.
No fall can kill a Jedi.

I looked over on the ground and saw the other Sith Kun brought along.

Your friend tried to kill my friends.
I said to him in speech-thought.
You will never see him again.

::He looked at me with the most pitiful look on his face. Like he was scared.::

You really are a Dark Jedi.
No one deserves to live a Sith life.

::He expected it, which made it easy. I planted my leucous-bladed saber in his abdomen, performing the most honorable of deaths: Siboku.::

::The other members looked at me strange, and I put my saber away. One part of the mission was over.::


You could no more evade my wrath, then you could your own shadow.
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