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as i land the falcon on coruscant,i see half of a building blown to smitherines.i see a bunch of men standing with sabers ignited.i walk over to see the problem.i see them fighting as i take out my blaster.i run inside that building,as i ran to an air took me too where the men where fighting.i look to see rage.

"YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i pull up my blaster and aim for the back of rages head.

i am about to shoot when plo koon yells"wait!he is one of us!" he yells.too late i shoot the blaster,the bolt is about to hit the jedi's head when plo koon pulls his saber quikly and slashes right behind darth rage,reflecting the shot away.

"what do you mean? after all he did to you in the outer realm? your on HIS side?" i am very confused,i can hardly speak.

"like i said,you stubborn human,that was a test." rage said.

"test? a TEST? you tried to kill them!" i said. " and me! you ran after me with your saber!"

"what are you talking about,human?" he sounded confused now.

"ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!" i heard an evil laugh. i turned to see where it was coming from................................

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