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Suddenly, Maul burst into the room. He had tested Darth Rage as to what he would use the ring for and he had passed. Using a simple Jedi Mind Trick, he had fooled him into thinking he had lost a foot and thus the Sith had left him. Now, it was time to get him and that ring to Kun to end it.

Igniting his double-bladed lightsaber he rushed at Wicked from the right side. Not hesitating, Darth Rage rushed him from the left. Although Wicked was a keen warrior, he was hard pressed to defend himself from 2 highly trained Sith. Darth Maul quickly siezed the oppurtunity to force throw Wicked into the far wall while the rest of them made good their escape. Turning before he exited last, Darth Maul summoned up all of his anger and rage and used the Force to squeeze Wicked's windpipe shut to make sure he wouldn't further annoy him. He sneered and laughed to himself Ha! That will teach that fool to mess with a SITH!

Thinking Wicked dead, Maul rushed to catch up with the others to deliver the ring and end Kun's reign of insanity, but unbeknown to him, Wicked was still alive, somehow...


Darth Maul
Dark Lord of the Sith Order

"Fear attracts the fearfull. The strong.....the weak....the innocent. Fear is my ally."
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