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Sith Lord Exar Kun
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'Fools, every Time I die I get Stronger'
'Plo Koon only destroyed my Absorbing Sith Amulet and only one of them'

::I laughed::

::I stood up::
::Grabbing my Last Absorbing Sith Amulet in my Robe I put it around my neck::
::The Amulet starts Draining Force Power::
::I walked to Wicked, I could sense he was alife::
::I levitated Wicked and used Force Healing on him::
::Everything Around started to rot and smell::
::I heard Wicked gasp for his Breath::
::I levitated Wicked back down again::

'No more time to waste'

'I must get that Ring'

'With it and my Sadow Amulet I would be a God'

'Without it,it could Destroy me, could'::I laughed::

::I used Sadow's Amulet to Summon a beast of Terror it looked like a Giant Worm but it wasn't it was very Powerful::
::I Jumped on the Beast::
::I force Levitated Wicked on the Beast::

'Go now, Find the Jedi and the Ring'


Exar Kun, Dark Lord of the Sith
"The Sith empire will rise again, and we are the spark."
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