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Slowly returning to his feet, Wicked watches as Darth Rage follows his friends with the Ring. He reclaims his stance as his sabre's power down. He looks over to Kun...

"Who are you? Why did you come for me?" Kun asked.

"There is a Jedi named Darth Maul. For some reason he has banded with Jedi of the Light. I was hired by the Black Sun Organization. My tour is to capture Maul...and bring him before the Gang's Leader.-"

Wicked is cut off by Kun.

"You mean to tell me you are a Bounty Hunter? What kind of Jedi becomes a bounty hunter...that's unheard of-" Kun yells, but is cut off by Wicked.

"I was dishoned by my master, Darth Sidious. He felt I was 'un-privelaged' to be a Sith...let alone a Jedi. In a test of my powers, he saw the opportunity to destroy me, and nearly did. My body was badly scared, which is why I wear this suit to hide my scars. Escaping Sidious' rule...I stumble across some mean Rodian Bounty Hunters. They had no job, but yurned for blood, so for the sport of it...they attacked me. I blasted one with weak force lightning, because I was still weak from my fight with Sidious. Then the other Rodian attacked me, and I quickly ended him with my twin lightsabres. The remaining Rodian pleaded for his life. The only reason his life continued, was that he promised me to turn me into introduce me to a new which his promise came true. I was quickly assimilated into his guild of Bounty Hunters, in which I became one in the top ranks. I vowed one day to get back at Sidious for betraying me, and killing any other pupil he might have. I followed him and continue to follow him, and watch him, learn from him. That is how I have become so advanced on my own...I want Sidious to know that the Force that killed him....was his own."

Kun looks into Wicked's burning eyes...then summons his beast.

Wicked sits atop of Kun's beast, ready for a battle.

"I will not fail you Lord Kun...but I must need some assistance. I am bringing in someone who can help...a Mandalore..."

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