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Sith Lord Exar Kun
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'Yes, my Apprentice yes recruit more Sith for my Empire'::I laughed it Echoed around::
'Soon you will destroy Darth Sidious and I shall learn you some old Sith Magic'
'I'm sure Sidious doesn't know the Trick I'm gonna learn you' ::I stretched my arm and tingled my fingers::
'But First' ::I laughed again:: 'The Jedi and the Ring and we shall rule the Galaxy'
"I sense we are nearing the Jedi, Master" ::I Force Pulled a Piece of Wood Ignited my Lightsaber and Carved the Wood into an Amulet::
::I turned the Saber off and put it back in my Sith Robe:: 'Take this Amulet and let it Guide you, When you wear it your skills will greatly improve and it will absorb force in the Room and hold it for your use only'
'Yes we are nearing the Jedi' Soon the Ring will be Mine
'Ignite your Sabers, Fight like you are the Fire of Hate, like the Destroyer of Worlds and instill Fear on your enemies'
'Let Hate be your Master in this Fight, Let Hate guide you trough this Fight'

::The Worm was close to the Jedi:: 'I think I know a way to Kill Darth Rage he is part Mechanical'
::I summoned a Big Water Globe and Levitated it with my Mind::
'Get Ready' ::We both Force Jumped of the Worm and landed behind the Jedi with the Globe Following me::
::The Worm ducked in the Ground::
::Quickly I force Pushed the Globe to Darth Rage and it exploded in a Rain of Water:: ::Rage fell to the Ground and I saw him drop the Ring of the Jedi::
'Greetings Mortals, Are you Ready to DIE'
::I reached into my Robe and Pulled my Sith Saber out and Ignited it on Both Sides::
::The Jedi Turned around and Saw me and Wicked ready to Kill them::
::At the Same time The Worm Busted out of the Ground behind the Jedi::

'Time to Kill the Jedi'


Exar Kun, Dark Lord of the Sith
"The ancient Sith have spoken.
Together, we will bring down the galaxy."
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