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:My lightsaber and Kun's Lightsabers clashed many times:
:I pointed the ring at him and it shot a beam straight at Kun's heart knocking him back. It continued to shoot at him, weakening him with every hit:

"This ring is very powerful Kun"

"And so is this amulet"

:He shot at me with the amulet weakening me:
:Then we both shot at that same time, his blue blaze of light against my green blaze of light:
:Kun's amulet was too powerful for me, he was about to cut my head off with the lightsaber when a giant ship appeared:
:Out of the ship burst all the members of the council:

"It is time to put your tyranny to an end" said Yoda.

"Take this"
:I tossed Yoda the Ring of the Jedi:
:He held it in the air, and magically it seemed to increase the power of all the Jedi on the council:

"And with this I destroy the spirit of Sith Lord Kun and all the dead Sith" chanted Yoda.

:All the Jedi's lightsabers stood straight up in mid-air:


:The lightsabers, with super-speed, flew through Kun, vaporizing him:

And so ended the tale of Sith Lord Kun's return.

I would just like to add on a personal note that this was my first extended role-play. I think we did a very good job and told a cool story. Thanks to everyone who participated!


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