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Originally posted by ShockV1.89
I dunno, this one feels kinda spammy. I just spent 15 minutes playing another two guys, and this one fella would just spam yellow slashes. No specials or anything, just run at you swinging yellow, and I found it very hard to counter. Yellow did decent damage, and it would break defenses as well? Hmmm....

I had to deal with this kind of fighting lastnight myself. It does seem somehow Medium is more effective at this than it should be... but...

Blue stance is good against it. Blue lunge works like a charm.

Block, parry, strike with blue...

If you can get some distance from him, switch to red and at least make his incoming strikes dangerous as hell.

Mostly though blue stance worked best against this kind of player. Keep calm, block the hits and counter. It's as simple as that.. Sorta..
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