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Originally posted by ShockV1.89
Oh, I dunno. Sabre throw hasnt bothered me much in promod. I did rather well with my guns against FatalStrike and PsionicJedi.


Yeah yeah yeah I got my @ss handed to me by Shock, and so what!!

I did put in some Promod training hours last night and have gotten better. So I look forward to running into all of you on-line. I need the practice so I will be at arti's server more often.

By the way Arti the new mind trick works wonders on gunners! Great job!!

Originally posted by Psionic Jedi

Arrr that you did Shock, even owned me with the saber in a duel :O

At least I have two duel kills on FatalStrike under me belt
Me and you were pretty even, I got you good a few times and you got me back.

Battlefield 1942........
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