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Re: Re: Maybe JO Wasn't Meant to Last?

Originally posted by ArtifeX

.It's not a gimmick mod that you'll play for a bit and realize that under the surface it's no different from the regular game.

If u read my other posts from today you will see how I feel about promod...but for the most part I like it.

But other mods do offer things that the original does not and DOES allows the server the ability to increase the skill of the game. The mod that I run most right now is Jedimod v1.2.

Under the skin of the emotes is a system that alows for moves that were removed from the game to be put back in. And the ability to change some of the damage skills as well as the zoned damage.

Meaning that if you are to slice someone in heavy stance in the head they die...period.I also run always trace saber first, always box trace, ghoul 2 collision and a box trace size of 0 as well as knockback set to 1.2. and lower blocking values...meaning if your swinging you are not blocking.These allow for some serious duels. If you do not know what u are doing then you will die in one move.

So please do not say that these games are "just like" the regualar game. True they do not have the + and - system of promod...but more skill is needed than any standard game of JK2. You add in the variety of dual sabers and the extra stances and you can have one hell of a fight.

But some nights people just want to have fun and goof off. Things like jetpacks and emotes allow for this. Promod is for those who take the game very serious indeed, and sometimes I like that. Other times goofing off is more fun.

Just play the not complain about it!
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