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Re: Re: Re: Maybe JO Wasn't Meant to Last?

Originally posted by Sith Maximus

So please do not say that these games are "just like" the regualar game. True they do not have the + and - system of promod...but more skill is needed than any standard game of JK2. You add in the variety of dual sabers and the extra stances and you can have one hell of a fight.
I wasn't specifically referring to jedimod1.2, or any of the other mods. I was only trying to differentiate ProMod from the average mod you'll find in the files section.

You're right, jm1.2 is great for goofing off with the emotes and such. Some of the more role-play-style jk2'ers have told me they use it for that reason. I can understand that. Nobodi Kenobi doesn't sound like he runs with that crowd. I was attempting to tell him that ProMod concentrates on substantive gameplay, which is what he seems to crave.

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