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Re: Re: Re: Maybe JO Wasn't Meant to Last?

Originally posted by Sith Maximus

So please do not say that these games are "just like" the regualar game. True they do not have the + and - system of promod...but more skill is needed than any standard game of JK2. You add in the variety of dual sabers and the extra stances and you can have one hell of a fight.
ProMod changes the way the game "feels" not just the way it "looks"

The new Footspeed changes have brought back that fast and fluid feel of the original without bring back the bugs. No longer is the game full of constant slow downs.

The blocking system is reliable, you know what is going to happen when you block. You don't have these partial break or some buggy system that sometimes blocks and sometimes doesn't.

The game feels much more polished then 1.04 and any of the Mods that run the same system with a few extras.

Other Mods are great fun, but thats it. Deep down at their core they are the same as 1.04, they just have some added features. ProMod has a different system, that is almost as radical as the change from 1.02 to 1.03.

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