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Post Battle over Tatooine

Originally posted by Dark Jedi:

*It was a calm day on Tatooine. The summer was nice and balmy but the sky was not so nice. There are 4 Imperial Class Star Destroyers in the sky in perfect formation. Suddenly, a Rebel fleet of 10 Mon Calamiri Starships drops out of hyperspace.*

ISD Captain: Open fire! Desroy the rebels; don't let a single being of their kind escape.

Mon Cal Captain: Our surprise didn't work as well as planned! Open fire with all turbolasers on the ISDs and send out the starfighters to attack!

*Outside you see 25 Tie Fighters come out of the ISDs and 5 X-Wings come out of the Mon Cals. Five minutes later 10 more Tie Fighters come out of ISD Armada and 5 B-Wings come out of Mon Calimari Sequence.*

The Battle has begun!

(This is meant to be like an rpg, I left it open ended on purpose. Anyone who wishes to
participate can take the role of a fighter piolet, gunner, Capital ship captain, or whatever you choose. Have fun with this.)
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