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Lightbulb Force Powers

Now you may call me a looney, but...

I would have liked to've seen Force Sight boosted a bit, and maybe made into a Force Awareness. The more points you add to it the better the player's reaction to attacks and Force attacks. Maybe something like:
1) Deflects shots better in a 180 degree arc.
2) Deflects shots better in a 270 degree arc.
3) Deflects shots better in a 360 degree arc.
Perhaps each with certain zones that are better defended...

The influence of AOTC makes me want to see Absorb have the following effects (per star/point):
1) Blocks lightning with the lightsaber (Obi-Wan style). If no lightsaber active player absorbs via normal means at a slight penalty (perhaps lower Force regeneration).
2) Blocks lightning normally with Full Force regeneration (JK/JK2 Style)
3) Regenerates Force partially, and partially reflects it back in the general direction of the caster (Yoda style).

...I'm a looney.

The Force will be with you always.

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